press / quotes – Dublin, Ireland

“Stand out tracks Go Away and Delta Bar both feature some delightful violin playing by Bobby Furgo, whose claim to fame includes being part of Leonard Cohen’s touring band in the early 90’s. UK famed folk singer songwriter Kirsty McGee contributes backing vocals on Wouldn’t You Agree and the particularly impressive title track Shadow of a Ghost. Gar Robertson, who co-produced the album with Garcia, plays pedal and lap steel, electric and bass guitar. Danny Frankel plays drums and percussion.”

Declan Culliton, LonesomeHighway, Dublin, Ireland (full article)

American Roots Music, ISA Radio France – April, 2017

“Urban Desert Cabaret… so great… I love it… I imagined myself on an endless backroad in New Mexico, driving through ghost towns, desert… These songs takes your spirit… A fascinating travel through feelings and sounds… The vocals are exceptional…”

Mike Penard – ISA Radio France

Rootstime, Belgium – April, 2017

“With his project ‘Urban Desert Cabaret’, the Californian singer-songwriter Joe City Garcia has released a second album following on his debut record Sometimes The Angels from 2015. Shadow Of A Ghost contains ten alt.folk and Americana songs that will be loved all over the world by many fans of great contemporary music.”

Valère Sampermans – – Belgium

Coachella Valley Weekly – August 18 – 24, 2016

“Simply put, Shadow Of A Ghost delivers on the promise of Sometimes The Angels. Joe City Garcia (ne’ Urban Desert Cabaret) is here to stay, ushering in a new chapter of the Desert Rock story.” 

Eleni P. Austin, Coachella Valley Weekly (full article)

Coachella Valley Weekly – August 11 – 17, 2016

“The New Mexico native may have taken his time over many miles to find his true voice, but the early influences of the 70’s punk era, along with The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Bob Dylan are all part of Garcia’s incredible ability to write outside, inside, under and all around the proverbial “box.”  This singer/songwriter innately delivers melodic stories that pack an unforgettable punch.  Less than a month after returning from a whirlwind tour of Europe (19 shows in 24 days through Austria, Slovakia, Poland and Germany, some of which were double headers), Joe Garcia will find his way to Pappy and Harriet’s.  With members of an all-star band, Garcia will perform songs from his freshly released album, Shadow of a Ghost and more.” 

Lisa Morgan, Coachella Valley Weekly (full article)

…so so good. You could have heard a pin drop when Joe City Garcia sang, “Go away.” Wow! Just W.O.W!”

(Shadow of a Ghost Release Show at Pappy & Harriet’s, August 18, 2016)

Lisa Morgan, Head Music Writer, CV Weekly

Lindo Records – Hot News June 2016

Shadow of a Ghost by Urban Desert Cabaret

Currently the Californian Joe “City” Garcia with his Urban Desert Cabaret is still traveling in Europe, after performances in Austria and Slovakia, he is soon to be in Poland. Garcia has produced the new album Shadow of a Ghost with contributions by Gar Robertson, the lap steel and other guitars and who more recently as part of Ocotillo (see Hot News April 2016) was also visiting Vienna. Lo and behold, the second half of Ocotillo, Kirsty McGee contributed backing vocals for two tracks. Ghosts give a contextual thread through these desert folk stories. For one piece, Vienna Vampire Waltz, Garcia was inspired by his stay in Vienna in the 2015. “This album was created in 9 days,” says Garcia. The predecessor Sometimes The Angels (Lindo Hot News CD of the Month, July 2015) had a production time of about a year. Robertson & Garcia stage these well-written desert songs with delicate care. Shadow Of A Ghost is with ease a successful rollout. 

Juergen Plank, Lindo Records ~ Vienna, Austria

Desert Stories @ Sargfabrik with Son of the Velvet Rat, Vienna, Austria

Joe, “City” Garcia

The evening in the sold out Sargfabrik opened with Joe “City” Garcia, a previously to me unknown singer, also settled somewhere deep in the desert. His musical output, Americana/Neo-Folk Blues/Country/Singer/Songwriter, trades under the name Urban Desert Cabaret, and his new album Shadow of A Ghost was just published.

In contrast to the album, which was recorded with band, Joe City Garcia plays the numbers solo, with guitar and harmonica, very beautiful and haunting, an ideal candidate for the autumn annual Bluebird Festival at Porgy & Bess (if he has not been there already). I do enjoy sparse instrumentation and it makes me happy, my only problem unfortunately is that I can hear the great potential of these songs with more instruments. The audience is certainly mucksmäuschenstill (quiet as mice), listening and applauding extensively! Those who would like to listen in to the album (I highly recommend it), can do so here:

Arge Music Admin, Sargfabrik ~ Vienna, Austria

RECORD OF THE MONTH! Lindo Records, Vienna

“Joe City Garcia has created a record with fantastic songwriting, supported by excellent musicians and produced with love to details. Type: Desert Folk-Blues. Provided he would have the corresponding hype in the background, he could have inspired people world wide. Maybe it will come. Garcia does today – relaxed –  what he has done all his life, give or take a few interruptions: he writes songs and plays live. On the tracks “Valley Of Dry Bones” and “Mia” there is a guest appearance by Georg Altziebler and Heike Binder, from Son Of The Velvet Rat  – CD of the month!” Points: Urban Desert Cabaret: “Sometimes The Angels” (10/10)

Juergen Plank, Lindo Records ~ Vienna, Austria

Atmospheric, introspective melancholy with a smoky desert tang…”

Molly the K ~ Presenter, ‘Down The Memory Hole’ ~ Radio Free Joshua Tree

Joe City Garcia – Song Man

We all know it started with a kiss. But things have changed since then, in life and in art. See what’s going on, see for yourself and you might come to believe it doesn’t suffice to just paint an accurate picture of this world. You might come to think this world needs to be repainted, or rewritten if you consider yourself a writer. It needs to be redone, out of love, out of compassion, knowing that there is only one thing more important than being a good artist: that is being a good fellow human.

Joe City is both, and more: he’s a great artist, and a great person. Go see him perform and you might come to believe this world is not so lost. This time you might think, it’ll all start with a song.

Georg Altziebler ~ son of the velvet rat ~ Yucca Valley, CA, USA / Graz, Austria

Joe City Garcia sings from a body that has shot through both heaven and hell and some of the most heartbreakingly beautiful desert landscapes that lie in between. He sounds like a man who stole a glance in the mirror when he was at his most desperate. A pilgrim who heard the spirit in silence. A Dylan on the border. Listen to his yearning verses, to the licks from New Mexico and inflections from r&b, to the fallen villages of his youth and the cutting City of Angels he stills calls home. Travel with him. Your burdens will grow lighter on that desert road.

Rubén Martínez ~ writer/singer/author ~ Los Angeles, CA, USA

Joe City Garcia is a soul singer from the Indian Plains of the turquoise South by Southwest, his guitar ablaze with fiery-tipped arrows. He carries his canteen into the wilderness and returns with the nectar of the ghosts. His refuge is in the soaring birds of praise and longing. 

Teddy Quinn ~ writer/singer/host ~ Joshua Tree, CA, USA